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Attending church now covid-19 restrictions have been lifted

Our aim is to cautiously and carefully lift worship restrictions, understanding that many people still feel anxious about Covid


Policy reviewed: 24th February 2022
We continue to Live-stream services but encourage live attendance where possible – if you or someone with you do not want to appear on the Live-stream please speak to a steward who will direct you to a ‘hidden’ seat.

The following is our current approach for Sunday morning worship:

  • Government guidelines no longer  require masks to be worn. However we would strongly recommend and encourage those attending our services to continue to wear a mask and continue to adopt Covid-mitigation measures.. Hand sanitiser is provided – please use it.
  • The windows are open to allow air circulation (please wear appropriate clothing).
  • Chairs are spaced slightly more than usual; we are not assigning people to seats, you can move the chairs to a position you feel is safe for you.
  • Crèche is available with a rota for crèche helpers.
  • Singing – There is congregational singing, generally to live musicians, although there may be the occasional video 
  • Communion – Communion is held with separate pieces of bread and individual glasses, with stewards directing the flow.
  • Sunday evening Ignite and Grow, Pray prayer meetings are held in hybrid fashion – in-person and on Zoom.
  • Please remember common sense: if you feel unwell, stay home.
  • LifeGroups – each LG will decide if they meet in person or on Zoom… or a hybrid arrangement.

Make it your plan to come back to church!

Don’t spend the future watching church on TV in your own at home!

There may be another lockdown, don’t miss this opportunity to get back together!

(To view the updated risk assessment for Sunday Services, please click <here>)