Sundays 6pm & Wednesdays 10am

Prayer is a priority at Argyle because prayer is all about our relationship with God. In prayer we both speak to God and listen out for him. Not praying is like a married couple not speaking or listening to one another.

God is not a big vending machine in the sky waiting for us to slot a prayer in for an answer. He wants us near Him like a father loves his children near. Prayer is coming to our Father, not to get something from him, but to give our adoration and affection. Prayer is about relational intimacy and presence.

At Argyle we love to pray together. A community which prays together is strong and is knit together in mutual love, care and dependence. We pray in our Sunday services and in our LifeGroups but the main prayer gatherings are Sunday evenings at 6pm & Wednesday mornings at 10am. Here we typically begin with a reflection on some Bible verses and worship in song together. Then we pray creatively, sometimes together as one big group, sometimes in smaller groups, for ourselves, for our community, for the nation and for the wider world.

There is a danger that in our individualistic age we can miss the God-given call to pray together. The way of Jesus is to come together, raise our voices together in adoration, petition, intercession, contemplation, listening, spiritual warfare and say Amen! Yes, this person speaks for me Lord!

Come and join in!